A Situation at Home

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We are really sorry for the not being active. I am really busy with my school work *ahemandahemdatesahem* that I don’t have time to blog.

I received a message from Raf last week saying that they are in an emergency situation. It concerns Martina. I think it’s about time that we tell something about our dearest boss.

She really looks scary when you see her at first but she is actually a kind hearted person. She is actually the one who gave us a home (except for Zero since he is not an orphan or a runaway like the rest of us) when she found us on the streets. I’ll be telling more details on how I met Martina next time. But for now, I’ll talk about her work because that’s the reason why they are in an emergency situation. She came from a well-off family. Aside from all the properties their parents left she still gets daily “commissions” from being a mafia boss which are more than enough to sustain her and her brother’s daily needs and wants. But she still chose to work and earn money the hard way. She is working as a writer in a fashion magazine.  She is using a different surname and her real identity is well hidden thanks to one of her godfathers. It’s her 5th year in the job and she really enjoys what she’s doing. She would always come home with a satisfied look on her face.

But lately, Raf said she had been very depressed. He said that it might be because of her new boss. He said that her new boss might be giving her loads of work and  demanding too much. They tried to ask her what’s wrong but she only told them that she’s fine and she can handle this herself. But since they are very worried, they decided to take turns in following her. I hope they will find out what’s going on in her work and what’s the deal with her new boss. I wish I am also at home so I could help them.

~ Third


Back! :)

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I’m finally back online. I’m back here in Japan for my studies. I actually arrived last week but due to some reasons I wasn’t able to post. I can’t believe those guys. They didn’t post anything! But maybe they are just busy  doing their chores and the chores that I left.

I was very busy last week. I had so many things to catch up on in school since I was absent for almost 2 weeks. Luckily, my girlfriend was there to help me. :) I promised her we’ll go see a movie tomorrow. :)

Since I got back, I’ve been following Skittles and her best friend, Marrika inside and outside of school to carry their bags and books and buy them lunch and snacks. I was doing it as a deal I had with Skittles so she will not let Martina know about this blog. I had to accompany them while they hang out in Shibuya too. That’s where they usually hangout. There are times they skip school just to go there.

Last Wednesday, I moved to this new boarding house. My old landlady will be migrating to the US with her son so she decided to close her boarding house. I was very fortunate to find a new one but I had to share it with someone since they don’t have any other rooms available. My roommate looks very snobbish. He doesn’t even talk to me. I guess he thinks that I will not understand him well since I am a foreigner. But you know, he looks kinda familiar. I think I’ve heard his name somewhere too. I just can’t figure out where. His name is Ueda Ken, by the way.

I have to go now. I have to sleep early for my date tomorrow. :) I should remember to give the other guys a call and remind them to post.

– Third


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I think Ms. Jing and Rejeenah were implying that I have feelings for Raf based on their replies to my post way, way back.

After reading their comments, I began asking myself if I do feel something for him? I spent days locked in my asking myself that question. I know I’m over reacting but I am actually scared.  And besides, of all people, why him?




I really can’t understand why. When I was a little girl, I told myself that I will only love a man who has the same qualities as my father – loyal, caring, loving… But now, Raf, he is completely different. As what he said in his meme, he is a womanizer.

Was it because 2 weeks ago, he finally called me Cheska? Ever since he joined us, he never called me by my name.  He’s the only one who is calling me Una. When he called me Cheska, I have to admit, my heart did skip a bit and I felt like my eyes were teary. But maybe because I was just surprised.

Or was it because of what he said (still) 2 weeks ago. When I went to the garden for my daily chores, I saw him there reading a cook book. He was probably thinking of what dishes he will be preparing for the birthday celebration. We chatted for a while. He complemented on how well I maintain Martina’s garden. Then his phone rang and he excused himself. It was one of his girlfriends. I know, because his expression and the tone of his voice changed. When he hung up, he told me he had to go because he had to meet somebody. But before he left, he picked a rose, smelled it and said with his back on me, ” Cheska, si sono come una rosa (you are like a rose). You have thorns that make it difficult for the person who finds you beautiful to reach you. You may not be aware of it but you are beautiful.” He turned, gave me the rose and left. I was just there sitting on the bench, frozen, with a rose on my hand. I’m not exactly sure of what he meant but it made my heart skip. I’m not sure if I’ll believe him but there’s a touch of sincerity in his voice. Sigh~

Still confused,


Five Things about Me

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Sorry for doing this late. :)

I was tagged by Junpei, then by Niccolo and by Raf.

1. I don’t like being called by my first name. It makes me feel old. But sometimes, Niccolo and Raf call me Stefano whenever they are irritated or they just want to pick on me. It’s hard being the youngest.

2. I’m closest to Cheska. She’s like an older sister to me. Whenever the guys pick on me, she’ll scold them.

3. My dream is to become a robotics engineer. I’d someday like to make a robot that will make our lives easier – simply by doing our chores for us. :)

4. I really don’t like doing my chores. It makes me feel less of a man. It should be a girl’s job but since nobody else would take the job, I was forced to do it. :( The only time I could escape doing my chores is whenever school starts. I have to move to Japan because that’s where I study. I will be flying back tomorrow. I skipped few days because of the party.

5. I have a girlfriend. I love her very much but I’m not really honest with her. She doesn’t know that I’m part of this group. I hope she will never find out about this but I do plan to tell her. I’m just not ready yet.

I have to start packing now for my flight tomorrow. I’ll keep you guys posted. :)


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Happenings in My Handsome Weekend

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Sorry for not having any blog activity since last Friday. I thought Cheska posted something but my handsome self can’t see it. Hmmm… did she tell any secrets? Perhaps, she shared how she feels about me. I could feel that she has something for me, you know. But I’m really sorry for her. I already have someone that I like — l’amore della mia vita, Lucille.

lightning (by -=april=-)Anyway, last Friday was a very busy day for us. There was a party held here, at Martina’s house. I was broken hearted that day too. (How sad. I wish my mamma was there.) It was all because the l’amore della mia vita did not show up. The handsome me personally approached her to give her the invitation but she did not arrive. Imagine my disappointment! So I just busied myself playing cards with the guest assistants. I was the most handsome there. They all look old for their age!

Saturday, I was still broken hearted. My handsome self can’t get over the fact that she did not arrive. I really want to see her dress in pink. So I had a very brilliant idea. I wrote in the invitation: STRICTLY NO BLACK CLOTHES. I wonder where she went that day. My best friend turned rival, Gabriele was there. He was looking ugly and weird as usual. Good thing the scary guy, Enzo did not arrive too or else he’ll be giving me the creeps. I really don’t like the way he glances at me. But I guess he’s just jealous of my handsome face. Anyway,  because I was heart broken, I decided to call my mamma and told her I’ll be visiting her the following day.

Two Arions (by -=april=-)Sunday, I went to my mamma and stayed there for the whole day. I told her my broken heart. She told me it’s alright. Maybe my l’amore della mia vita was just busy that day or she’s too shy to attend the party because I’m there. Maybe she’s too shy to see my handsome face. I really think she likes me but she’s too shy to admit that she had fallen for a handsome guy like me.

Monday, Stefano…er…Paolo kept the laptop to himself. He was busy chatting with his girlfriend. Martina was home the whole day so I can’t use hers. Also, I was busy with my very special task. I hate my very special task. It’s not suited for someone with a beautiful face like me.

Today, I’m finally blogging. Good thing Martina went to some important event. I’m using her laptop. Shhh… Don’t tell her. Haha. I met a fan today. He was wearing the same outfit as me. Now, I could prove to that little brat Skittles that I have fans! Hahaha. His name is Isaiah, by the way. He has a little feminine side though.

Here’s a new photo of me. Don’t you think I’m so handsome?
zero (by -=april=-)

Con un sacco di amore,
The Handsome Zero Olivieri


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We had a busy day yesterday. There was a gathering to celebrate one of Martina’s godfather’s birthday. It was held here, at Martina’s house. But it wasn’t just an ordinary birthday celebration. The other bosses were also there so they could discuss a certain situation.

Niccolo was busy playing cards with other “assistants” and of course blabbing about how handsome he was. Paolo was sitting near the window with his laptop. I guess he’s chatting with his girlfriend. I didn’t notice where Raf is till Martina asked me to call him. I thought he was dozing off as usual because he had to wake up early for the preparations. I tried looking for him in his usual dozing places. He wasn’t there. I tried in the kitchen because I thought he was still preparing something.

I was right he was there. But not cooking or preparing a dish but flirting with one of the hired maids. I am used to seeing him flirting with girls but that day, I don’t know why I suddenly got irritated. Was it because I’m getting tired of him doing that or maybe it was because of something he told me last week?

I’m starting to get confused.  I can’t ask Niccolo nor Paolo about this. They will surely laugh at me. I wanted to ask Martina but she’s always too busy. I’ve been living with him and the others for almost 5 years now but it’s only now that I felt this way whenever he’s around.I really feel awkward.


This is Me

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I just got home from my errands. And saw the computer free from Niccolo. I finally have a chance to post my first entry. I have no idea what to write but since Niccolo tagged me, I’ll write 5 things about myself.

1. I came from a broken family. I used to live with my father but after he passed away, I was forced to live with my mother and her good for nothing boyfriend who kept on beating me. He also accused me of things I didn’t do and because my mother is blinded by her love for him, he believes in him. His constant beatings and false accusations drove me to ran away from home.

2. At the age of 9, I started living on my own. To earn money for my food, I helped in the market carrying sacks of vegetables, rice and other things to be delivered to different stores. When I was older and grew stronger, I worked in constructions and in ship piers to load and unload cargos.

3. Because of my terrible experiences while growing up, I trained myself to be strong. I wanted people to think that I am tough. I was always involved in fights that’s why I have lots of scars all over my body.

4. I used to have a girl whom I loved so much. She was my everything till I discovered she was cheating on me. That’s why I vowed that I will never love again and will just treat girls like toys. Yes, I am a womanizer and I admit it.

5. I am happy to be part of this group. It is like I found a new family. But I really hate my special task! I think all of us hate our special task.

Done! I’m now off to do my special task. I better be quick before Martina gets home.



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