It’s all about the handsome ME

Tagged by Junpei.

Here are few things about my handsome self.

1. I am the underboss of our clan. If she’s not around I’m the one in charge.*evil laugh* I’m so great!

2. I love staying in front of the mirror to check my very handsome face. I’m so handsome. If I’m a girl I would fall madly in love in a guy possessing a face like mine.

3. My three subordinates think that I am very vein. Don’t believe them they’re just jealous because I am gifted with a handsome face.

4. There is a girl that I like. She’s the most beautiful being that I’ve seen. (But of course, she’s only number two in being beautiful. I’m still #1!)

5. I love my mom! She’s the greatest! Ti amo, mamma!

Awww… it’s done already? I would like to post more. :(


The Handsome Zero Olivieri

Tagging: Una, Deux, Third, Aki, Sachiko, Midori, Seth, Skittles, Darcy, Rejeenah… and lots lots more!


~ by Zero on May 27, 2009.

5 Responses to “It’s all about the handsome ME”

  1. Im tagged! ok i shall do it.


  2. Ah. But who’s more beautiful? You, or your mom?

  3. @ Rejeenah: Don’t forget to mention that you were tagged by The Handsome Zero Olivieri.

    @ Sachiko: Of course it would be me…er no my mamma… hmmm… This is hard. *scratches head* I’m so sorry, mamma! I love you so much but I think I’m more blessed with good looks. Please don’t be mad at me.

  4. You’re really to full of yourself. Haha.

  5. You are imagining things again! What made you say you are our underboss? We all know that it’s not you but Martina’s brother even if he does not like to accept the position.

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