This is Me

I just got home from my errands. And saw the computer free from Niccolo. I finally have a chance to post my first entry. I have no idea what to write but since Niccolo tagged me, I’ll write 5 things about myself.

1. I came from a broken family. I used to live with my father but after he passed away, I was forced to live with my mother and her good for nothing boyfriend who kept on beating me. He also accused me of things I didn’t do and because my mother is blinded by her love for him, he believes in him. His constant beatings and false accusations drove me to ran away from home.

2. At the age of 9, I started living on my own. To earn money for my food, I helped in the market carrying sacks of vegetables, rice and other things to be delivered to different stores. When I was older and grew stronger, I worked in constructions and in ship piers to load and unload cargos.

3. Because of my terrible experiences while growing up, I trained myself to be strong. I wanted people to think that I am tough. I was always involved in fights that’s why I have lots of scars all over my body.

4. I used to have a girl whom I loved so much. She was my everything till I discovered she was cheating on me. That’s why I vowed that I will never love again and will just treat girls like toys. Yes, I am a womanizer and I admit it.

5. I am happy to be part of this group. It is like I found a new family. But I really hate my special task! I think all of us hate our special task.

Done! I’m now off to do my special task. I better be quick before Martina gets home.



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~ by Deux on May 28, 2009.

7 Responses to “This is Me”

  1. awww deux, you poor boy, your story makes me sad especially the market part, did you really worked there? i heard they wear those icky aprons and rain boots!!! uck! typing it makes me wanna die!

    • I don’t know how I got here but Darcy why can’t I open your website?

      Sorry for suddenly butting in, Rafaele.

  2. Sorry to hear about your hard life, but it seems it made you an even tougher person (which is a good thing). I just hope you will learn to treat women better :)

  3. Deux, sorry to hear about your hard life, but it’s good that it only made you a stronger person. One thing, though — I hope you will learn to treat women better :)

  4. Oh that’s why he looks always sad… but I don’t think havin’ a bad experience with one girl gives you a reason to treat other women like that. Hope you find it in your self to forgive that stupid girl before..:)

  5. Dont worry Raf.

    Things will get better.

  6. […] loyal, caring, loving… But now, Raf, he is completely different. As what he said in his meme, he is a […]

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