We had a busy day yesterday. There was a gathering to celebrate one of Martina’s godfather’s birthday. It was held here, at Martina’s house. But it wasn’t just an ordinary birthday celebration. The other bosses were also there so they could discuss a certain situation.

Niccolo was busy playing cards with other “assistants” and of course blabbing about how handsome he was. Paolo was sitting near the window with his laptop. I guess he’s chatting with his girlfriend. I didn’t notice where Raf is till Martina asked me to call him. I thought he was dozing off as usual because he had to wake up early for the preparations. I tried looking for him in his usual dozing places. He wasn’t there. I tried in the kitchen because I thought he was still preparing something.

I was right he was there. But not cooking or preparing a dish but flirting with one of the hired maids. I am used to seeing him flirting with girls but that day, I don’t know why I suddenly got irritated. Was it because I’m getting tired of him doing that or maybe it was because of something he told me last week?

I’m starting to get confused.¬† I can’t ask Niccolo nor Paolo about this. They will surely laugh at me. I wanted to ask Martina but she’s always too busy. I’ve been living with him and the others for almost 5 years now but it’s only now that I felt this way whenever he’s around.I really feel awkward.



~ by Una on May 30, 2009.

3 Responses to “[LOCKED. FOR GIRLS ONLY] Confused”

  1. Ehem… love is in the air!

  2. oh~!


    that awkward feeling usually starts another kind of feeling. ^__^

  3. […] think Ms. Jing and Rejeenah were implying that I have feelings for Raf based on their replies to my post way, way […]

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