Happenings in My Handsome Weekend

Sorry for not having any blog activity since last Friday. I thought Cheska posted something but my handsome self can’t see it. Hmmm… did she tell any secrets? Perhaps, she shared how she feels about me. I could feel that she has something for me, you know. But I’m really sorry for her. I already have someone that I like — l’amore della mia vita, Lucille.

lightning (by -=april=-)Anyway, last Friday was a very busy day for us. There was a party held here, at Martina’s house. I was broken hearted that day too. (How sad. I wish my mamma was there.) It was all because the l’amore della mia vita did not show up. The handsome me personally approached her to give her the invitation but she did not arrive. Imagine my disappointment! So I just busied myself playing cards with the guest assistants. I was the most handsome there. They all look old for their age!

Saturday, I was still broken hearted. My handsome self can’t get over the fact that she did not arrive. I really want to see her dress in pink. So I had a very brilliant idea. I wrote in the invitation: STRICTLY NO BLACK CLOTHES. I wonder where she went that day. My best friend turned rival, Gabriele was there. He was looking ugly and weird as usual. Good thing the scary guy, Enzo did not arrive too or else he’ll be giving me the creeps. I really don’t like the way he glances at me. But I guess he’s just jealous of my handsome face. Anyway,  because I was heart broken, I decided to call my mamma and told her I’ll be visiting her the following day.

Two Arions (by -=april=-)Sunday, I went to my mamma and stayed there for the whole day. I told her my broken heart. She told me it’s alright. Maybe my l’amore della mia vita was just busy that day or she’s too shy to attend the party because I’m there. Maybe she’s too shy to see my handsome face. I really think she likes me but she’s too shy to admit that she had fallen for a handsome guy like me.

Monday, Stefano…er…Paolo kept the laptop to himself. He was busy chatting with his girlfriend. Martina was home the whole day so I can’t use hers. Also, I was busy with my very special task. I hate my very special task. It’s not suited for someone with a beautiful face like me.

Today, I’m finally blogging. Good thing Martina went to some important event. I’m using her laptop. Shhh… Don’t tell her. Haha. I met a fan today. He was wearing the same outfit as me. Now, I could prove to that little brat Skittles that I have fans! Hahaha. His name is Isaiah, by the way. He has a little feminine side though.

Here’s a new photo of me. Don’t you think I’m so handsome?
zero (by -=april=-)

Con un sacco di amore,
The Handsome Zero Olivieri

~ by Zero on June 2, 2009.

2 Responses to “Happenings in My Handsome Weekend”

  1. uhhh…

    whatever you say Zero.

    i am quite sure it was a coincidence.

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