Back! :)

I’m finally back online. I’m back here in Japan for my studies. I actually arrived last week but due to some reasons I wasn’t able to post. I can’t believe those guys. They didn’t post anything! But maybe they are just busy  doing their chores and the chores that I left.

I was very busy last week. I had so many things to catch up on in school since I was absent for almost 2 weeks. Luckily, my girlfriend was there to help me. :) I promised her we’ll go see a movie tomorrow. :)

Since I got back, I’ve been following Skittles and her best friend, Marrika inside and outside of school to carry their bags and books and buy them lunch and snacks. I was doing it as a deal I had with Skittles so she will not let Martina know about this blog. I had to accompany them while they hang out in Shibuya too. That’s where they usually hangout. There are times they skip school just to go there.

Last Wednesday, I moved to this new boarding house. My old landlady will be migrating to the US with her son so she decided to close her boarding house. I was very fortunate to find a new one but I had to share it with someone since they don’t have any other rooms available. My roommate looks very snobbish. He doesn’t even talk to me. I guess he thinks that I will not understand him well since I am a foreigner. But you know, he looks kinda familiar. I think I’ve heard his name somewhere too. I just can’t figure out where. His name is Ueda Ken, by the way.

I have to go now. I have to sleep early for my date tomorrow. :) I should remember to give the other guys a call and remind them to post.

– Third


~ by Third on June 13, 2009.

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