A Situation at Home

We are really sorry for the not being active. I am really busy with my school work *ahemandahemdatesahem* that I don’t have time to blog.

I received a message from Raf last week saying that they are in an emergency situation. It concerns Martina. I think it’s about time that we tell something about our dearest boss.

She really looks scary when you see her at first but she is actually a kind hearted person. She is actually the one who gave us a home (except for Zero since he is not an orphan or a runaway like the rest of us) when she found us on the streets. I’ll be telling more details on how I met Martina next time. But for now, I’ll talk about her work because that’s the reason why they are in an emergency situation. She came from a well-off family. Aside from all the properties their parents left she still gets daily “commissions” from being a mafia boss which are more than enough to sustain her and her brother’s daily needs and wants. But she still chose to work and earn money the hard way. She is working as a writer in a fashion magazine.  She is using a different surname and her real identity is well hidden thanks to one of her godfathers. It’s her 5th year in the job and she really enjoys what she’s doing. She would always come home with a satisfied look on her face.

But lately, Raf said she had been very depressed. He said that it might be because of her new boss. He said that her new boss might be giving her loads of work and  demanding too much. They tried to ask her what’s wrong but she only told them that she’s fine and she can handle this herself. But since they are very worried, they decided to take turns in following her. I hope they will find out what’s going on in her work and what’s the deal with her new boss. I wish I am also at home so I could help them.

~ Third


~ by Third on July 7, 2009.

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