First Post

•May 27, 2009 • 5 Comments

Finally, I was able to take the keyboard away from Niccolo! I think he will not stop posting about himself. Good thing his mother called.

Here’s are first photo together.
Martina's Little Wings (by -=april=-)

Niccolo said we need to have a group photo so we can post it here (and of course to show everyone who will be following our blog how handsome he is… -_-). Paolo and Raf made a small set up. We had lots of photos but I think this is the only one that came out right.  You could see Niccolo’s signiture pose which he calls the I’m-Mr.-Handsome-Pose.



It’s all about the handsome ME

•May 27, 2009 • 5 Comments

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Here are few things about my handsome self.

1. I am the underboss of our clan. If she’s not around I’m the one in charge.*evil laugh* I’m so great!

2. I love staying in front of the mirror to check my very handsome face. I’m so handsome. If I’m a girl I would fall madly in love in a guy possessing a face like mine.

3. My three subordinates think that I am very vein. Don’t believe them they’re just jealous because I am gifted with a handsome face.

4. There is a girl that I like. She’s the most beautiful being that I’ve seen. (But of course, she’s only number two in being beautiful. I’m still #1!)

5. I love my mom! She’s the greatest! Ti amo, mamma!

Awww… it’s done already? I would like to post more. :(


The Handsome Zero Olivieri

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•May 26, 2009 • 9 Comments

Why? Why? Why?

Why did you do this to me, Stefano? Why is it that I’m the only one different in our header? Why did you not put the photo of my tantalizing eyes? Why only my kissable lips? How will everyone see how handsome I am? How can they admire me?

To all my adoring fans, here’s my recent photo.
Zero (by -=april=-)

Sai che mi ama,
The Handsome Zero Olivieri

Zero’s Idea

•May 26, 2009 • 7 Comments

This is all his idea. He asked me to create a blog so we could share our stories.

Yesterday, I was busy doing my chore when he approached me. He was very excited about something and was even holding my laptop. He showed me a website, a blog to be precise. I was surprised he knows how to use the internet. As he is always in front of the mirror admiring himself. I rarely see him in front of the computer and when he does, he is just looking at his pictures! Yeah, he is like Narcissus. Anyway, here’s our conversation.

Zero: Paolo! Let’s make something like this. (He’s referring to Doki-doki Central). But it will be about the four of us.

Third: Why include us? When it will just be about YOU.

Zero: I promise it will not just be about my handsome self. You guys could also about your life, your love or anything under the sun. And you can even tell something about Martina.

Third: But what if she finds out?

Zero: She’ll never find out. She doesn’t even know how to use the internet! *laughs* So no worries.

Third: Whatever. Let’s just ask Cheska and Raf later. If they agree I’ll start making it.

Guess what? They both agreed. I can’t believe those two! I guess the have some things that they want to share.

Some parts are still under construction. I’ll fix them later after doing my chore.

And one more thing, if the boss finds out about this, it’s Niccolo’s idea, not mine.

– Third